Lume Livros:

A field guide for young explores

Parks and gardens

Be a fearless explorer of the natural world, – even if you live in a big city – with the help of this book.

Curious Kids Discover THE AMAZON FOREST

Take a deep dive into life big and small among the leaves and branches of the largest forest in the world.

Curious Kids Assemble THE HUMAN BODY

Assemble a paper model of the human body, and learn about how we all work on the inside.

Curious Kids Assemble LIFE UNDER THE SEA

Visit 5 amazing inhabitants of the sea and build a paper tpy art model of each one of them.

Curious Kids Assemble THE DINOSAURS

Discover 5 incredible dinosaurs from long ago, and assemble one paper toy art model of each one of them.

Curious Kids Assemble THE ANIMALS

Assemble 5 fun paper models of amazing animals, and learn about their everyday lifes.

Curious Kids Discover THE HUMAN BODY

Introduce young children to some of the mysteries of the human body with this fun and colourful book.

Curious Kids Discover LIFE UNDER THE SEA

Discover the many ways in which life thrives in the oceans, and how much there is yet to be revealed.

Curious Kids Discover DINOSAURS

Visit the distant world of dinosaurs, and discover some of the most interesting and unique inhabitants of that era.

Curious Kids Discover ANIMALS

From the largest to the smallest, all animals have interesting lives, just waiting to be discovered by curious kids.

What we eat

Stories and recipes of what is in your plate

Why do we eat what we eat? A fun and curious journey through history, food and cooking.

Why daddy got bald?

And other curious questions about the human body

Discover how the human body works through children’s everyday questions.